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Sunday, January 26, 2020
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3 reasons why you should get the flu shot this year

The flu virus is contagious, so how much can our healthy habits help us compared to getting the flu shot?
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Why you probably need more sleep—and how to get it

Sleep deprivation can affect more than just your tiredness; it can have a major impact on your immune system, weight, stress level, and focus.

Weekend Wellness Activity Series for Andover Students

The Weekend Wellness Activity series is intended to provide students with programming that has a broad wellness focus. These activities typically take place on Sunday afternoons and are led by a variety of members from...
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Weight vs. wellness: Which goals work for your health?

Rate this article and enter to winWhat is weight bias, and why does it matter?Weight-based bullying, also called weight bias or weight stigma, is an unfortunate reality for many teens. More than 80 percent...