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Thursday, November 21, 2019
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drinking glass and pitcher of water on picnic table

Ask the doc: “When can drinking too much water be dangerous?”

A physician explains how to determine the amount of water you really need.
Plant nanny screen shots

Apps and podcasts we love: Plant Nanny

A student reviews the app "Plant Nanny" and shares how it helped her.
H20 Fruit Drinks

UCookbook: H2O fruit infusions

Rate this article and enter to winWe need water to survive, so why does it sometimes seem so…blah? After a long day, your parched body might be craving something sweet, like soda or a sports...

Ask the trainer: “What are the best pre-workout snacks?”

“What are the best pre-workout snacks?”—Jessica, San Antonio, TexasNo matter what time of day you’re going to be active, having a pre-workout snack is a good idea. Our body needs energy, and you’ll get...
Coconut water

Ask the nutritionist: Is coconut water even a thing?

“Is coconut water even a thing?”—Parker, Chico, CaliforniaIf you search online for the benefits of coconut water, you’ll get a list of claims that make it sound like a magical drink. They might claim...