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Sunday, January 26, 2020
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teacher meeting with students

A simple hack to make this your best year yet

Learn how the simple act of getting to know your teachers can be hugely beneficial to your academics and future career.
Sleeping dog on books

8 strategies to get you out of a studying rut

How to develop a study plan that involves techniques best suited to individual learning styles.

Ask the academic advisor: “How do you write a good thesis statement?”

One expert reveals the steps to formulating your best thesis statement.

Ask the academic advisor: How do I go about getting a recommendation letter?

“How do I go about getting a recommendation letter?”—Jennifer, Pasadena, CaliforniaGlad you asked this question, but I am going to use my “editor” cap to add the word “good” before “recommendation letter,” as I...

Ask the academic advisor: What’s a good way to get a lot of reading...

Rate this article and enter to win“What’s a good way to get a lot of reading done while retaining the information you just read?”—Jaidan*, Portland, Oregon(*Name changed)Reading is one of those high school activities...
Talking to teacher

Ask the academic advisor: The best way to ask a teacher for a letter...

“What is the best way to ask a teacher for a letter of recommendation?”—Evan, Logan, UtahThere are definite “dos and don’ts” when requesting a recommendation letter. This might be for your college application or...
Teacher and student

Ask the academic advisor: Handling unfair teachers

“If a teacher is being unfair to you when it comes to passing or failing their class, who do you talk to about it?”—Alejandra, Hammond, IndianaFrom my experience as a student (yes, I am...
Student and teacher

Ask the academic advisor: Approaching a teacher about a bad grade

"How should I approach my teacher about a bad grade?"—Caroline, Washington, D.C.Caroline,When you receive a grade that’s lower than you expected, it’s always a good idea to talk to your teacher in person. However,...