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Tuesday, February 18, 2020
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candle decoration and holiday mindfulness

How to tune in to the present moment this holiday season

Most of us move through the world tuned out. Try this simple mindfulness game to tune back in to the present moment and live a fuller, richer life.
students looking down at phones

Quick fixes for reducing your screen time right now

Try these five easy ways to have a phone-free moment.
Stand up! The work break timer by Raised square LLC

Apps and podcasts we love: Stand Up!

Mitchell, Lawrence, Kansas“The app’s goal is to encourage people to take small standing breaks at specific intervals throughout the day. This is especially useful for us students who are sitting in class most of...
SPACE iOS: by Phone life balance ltd Android: by SPACE team

Apps and podcasts we love: SPACE

Kim, New Brunswick, CanadaDoes any student not think they’re spending too much time on their phone? If you’re trying to break away from all the screens in your life, download this app immediately. SPACE...


Why we love itNot sure if you’re addicted to your smartphone? BreakFree will tell you. This app cleverly monitors your phone use and calculates your addiction score, letting you know how compulsively you’re texting...
A woman thinking about all the different kinds of technology

Using technology to maximize your time

Rate this article and enter to winSometimes technology feels like a distraction, especially social media. But online and electronic tools can also offer quick ways to stay organized when life gets hectic.In a recent...