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Sunday, January 26, 2020
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School vs. life: Expert tips on setting (and defending) your boundaries

Juggling full-time school and full-time life? Here’s what to do when you’ve got a little too much on your plate.
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World Peace Day: 10 ways to spread more peace in your life

It’s World Peace Day! Learn some easy ways to help spread peace in your life.
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7 ways to make this your best spring ever

These seven things will make it your best spring ever.
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Ask the health educator: “How do I deal with the pressure to be sexually...

A health educator offers advice on what to do if you're feeling pressure to be sexually active.
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Unhealthy friendship? When to salvage it and when to let go

Expert and student tips for how to deal with an unhealthy friendship.
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Ask the counselor: “How can I help a friend through a breakup?”

—Amy, Nova Scotia, CanadaWe’ve all been there. What do you say? What can you do? We want to ease the pain and cheer them up, but at the same time, the hurt is real...
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4 ways to practice consent and self-empowerment in everyday life

Learn strategies for practicing consent, self-empowerment, and boundary setting.
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8 proven ways to be happier that you can try today

Rate this article and enter to winMoney, fame, love, sports, chocolate—what works? For centuries, we’ve been trying to figure out what makes us happy. Psychologists, economists, theologians, and others have come at this from...
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Behind the screens: How to foster successful relationships, online and off

Rate this article and enter to winDating has come a long way since the days of passing handwritten notes in class. These days, it’s all about swiping right and left—and DMing on social media....

Ready to get intimate? 7 questions to ask yourself first

Rate this article for a chance to winLots of embarrassing things can happen in high school, like having poison ivy on your face on the first day of school or almost throwing up during...