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Saturday, September 22, 2018
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Why you probably need more sleep—and how to get it

Sleep deprivation can affect more than just your tiredness; it can have a major impact on your immune system, weight, stress level, and focus.
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Social support: The most overlooked self-care routine

Rate this article and enter to winI began feeling pretty out of it when I was 18. I had just started college after moving away from a tight-knit friend group in my hometown and...
Therapy session

Talk it out: The science behind therapy and how it can help you

Rate this article and enter to winNew class expectations, new after-school activities and responsibilities, and new thoughts about the future can give us all the feels—from super psyched to super stressed. Even if you’re...
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8 research-backed ways to build friendships that matter

Rate this article and enter to winFriendships are important to our health and well-being—research proves it. In fact, an analysis of 148 studies showed that people with strong social relationships actually live longer. “Friendships...

The science of drinking: The body and brain on alcohol

 Ever wonder how alcohol gets people drunk? Let’s look at the science behind it.Alcohol is made using a process called fermentation (in which yeast breaks sugar down into ethanol). As someone drinks, ethanol makes...
Anxiety in library

I get anxious in social situations, but I want to have a social life

First of all, it is good that you are reaching out for help. Many students face social difficulties at some point, so know that you are not alone when it comes to having social...
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How do I know if I’m depressed?

Many students are prone to feeling down from time to time, and this is normal. What makes depression distinct from normal emotions is that its symptoms are consistent and long-lasting, often for weeks and...

Best friends for never? “How I handled my frenemy”

 Ever had a friend who routinely made you feel unhappy about yourself and your life? Just as positive relationships are known to be good for our emotional and physical health, unsupportive friendships can be...
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Why disappointment matters: Turning letdowns into life gains

Rate this article and enter to winYou trained your booty off all winter, and when it came time for tryouts, the competition was too stiff; there just weren’t enough spaces on the team. Then...

Why not me? Jealousy, envy, & how to tell the difference

Rate this article and enter to winWe’ve all been there. You spent weeks studying for the exam and got a B-, but your friend barely cracked open the textbook and somehow pulled off an...