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Wednesday, October 16, 2019
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female trying to stay awake while studying

Ask the doc: “How can I stay awake in class or while studying?”

Nodding off in class or while studying could be a sign of sleep debt. Along with getting more sleep, these tricks can help you stay awake.
Students studying on a staircase

Ask the professor: “How do I know what the best way for me to...

Our academic advisor explains learning style models. Find out which one best fits your learning style.

True grit: How to push through and move forward

Rate this article for a chance to winAs a student, you’re probably pretty familiar with stress. You might also have wondered why some of your peers seem to handle their challenges relatively easily while...

Ask the doc: “What can students do to stay healthy while under stress?”

“What can students do to stay healthy while under stress?”—Jamie*, city and state withheldI spent a winter break working at Okemo Mountain as a lift operator. I was staying on a hill across the...

Ask the doc: Can drinking alcohol impair my ability to learn?

“Can drinking alcohol impair my ability to learn?” —Taylor, Portland State University, OregonYes, in ways both large and small. Are there students who drink from time to time and still manage to do well...

The science of smart: What type of learner are you?

Rate this article and enter to winFrom the classic IQ test to the intimidating SATs and ACTs, there’s no shortage of tests designed to measure intelligence and decide who gets to be successful. These...
Khan Academy app

Khan Academy by Khan Academy

Why we love itThis app gives you access to all of Khan Academy’s educational videos and articles, allowing you to learn almost anything, for free!What is it?The app contains the complete Khan Academy library...
Happy man on beach

Ask the school counselor: Consciously learning from your mistakes

“How do you consciously learn from your mistakes?”—Alba, Boston, MassachusettsAlba,Everybody makes mistakes—it’s part of being human. Even though we may not like to make mistakes, it’s what we do with them that makes a...