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Sunday, January 26, 2020
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Sheep jumping over a fence

Why you probably need more sleep—and how to get it

Sleep deprivation can affect more than just your tiredness; it can have a major impact on your immune system, weight, stress level, and focus.
A plate with a sandwich and fries

Feed yo’ self: Cooking skills you need to know

Rate this article and enter to winAre you a master or disaster in the kitchen? More than half of students say they’re interested in learning to cook (and the other half already have some...
A young man getting laughed at by three peers

Keeping it classy: How to stay above the negativity

Rate this article and enter to winPicture this: You just found out that a person you thought was your friend is spreading rumors about you and trying to turn your mutual friends against you....
Happy girl standing against a wall

The science of happy: 8 ways to get into the habit

Rate this article and enter to winMoney, fame, love, sports, chocolate—what works? For centuries we’ve been trying to figure out what makes us happy. Psychologists, economists, theologians, and others have come at this from...
Nutrition label in front of a tye-dye background

How to make sense of a food label

Rate this article and enter to winNutrition labels mess with our heads. In a recent survey by Student Health 101, three in five students who responded said that they “sometimes, often, or always” find...

How to balance your busy

Rate this article and enter to winPicture this: It’s finally Friday, and this upcoming weekend is your last chance to study for an important exam. You’re also supposed to play in a basketball game...

Just say thanks: Taking the awkward out of compliments

Rate this article and enter to winWhen someone says, “You look great,” do you flat-out deny it or avoid giving a response? If you’re told, “Great job,” do you mumble something about luck or...
Two people sitting on a couch facing away from each other

Less fighting, more freedom: How to deal with family frustration

Rate this article and enter to winFrom DNA to embarrassing childhood stories, we share a lot with our families. But we don’t always share the same views. Family members tend to be the people...
Girl leaning on books in library

Get your academic act together: Mind tricks for meeting your deadlines

Rate this article and enter to winAre unfinished assignments threatening to blow up your social life and mangle your peace of mind? Wondering what happened to your deadline discipline?Staying on top of our workload...
Sunny pattern

7 Ways to look tan without a tanning bed

Rate this article and enter to win“Around three years ago, I had spent too much time at the beach. It was cloudy out, so I didn’t think it was necessary to wear sunblock or...