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Thursday, November 21, 2019
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Young intern girl in front of workers

3 ways to find your perfect internship

Internships can help you gain valuable work experience, decide on your major, or figure out what career you want to pursue. Here are 3 tips to help you find an internship that works for you.

6 scenarios that prove consent doesn’t have to be complicated

These cartoon strips put consent in our everyday lives into perspective.
Students walking in a hallway

What are you looking for in a college? 7 things to consider

Check out this guide to make your college search process as smooth as possible.
Healthy lunch box

How to make healthy food choices at school

Learn how to eat your best during the school year.
Group of students with arms around each other

Social support: The most overlooked self-care routine

Rate this article and enter to winI began feeling pretty out of it when I was 18. I had just started college after moving away from a tight-knit friend group in my hometown and...
Boy studying at desk

How to be really good at getting stuff done, according to science

Rate this article and enter to winAre you determined to quit procrastinating and be more productive this year? Even when you’re motivated, it can be tricky to stick with it—especially once your calendar fills...

Motivation validation: Who and what are you here for?

Rate this article and enter to winWhy do the assignment, anyway? Why we’re doing whatever thing is a question to ask yourself at certain points in life. If your choices don’t seem to be...
Group of students in computer lab

High school vs. college: What’s different and why you’ll love it

 Does the idea of transitioning into college life stress you out a bit? One of the questions we get most often from students is: How will college be different from my high school experience?College...
Boy in class

Ask the college student: High school vs. college curriculum

“Is the college curriculum drastically different from the high school curriculum?”—Jess, freshman, Brooklyn, New YorkYes, the college curriculum is different in some ways, but the differences are pretty cool. For example, one of the...