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Thursday, November 21, 2019
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prepared fruit salad

UCookbook: Honey-lime fruit salad

Bring this honey-lime fruit salad to your next social gathering.
stacks of sugar cubes

Quiz: How much sugar are you actually consuming?

Take this quiz to learn which of your favorite food items have more sugar than others.
Apple berry crisp with vanilla ice cream

UCookbook: A warm & wintry apple blackberry crisp

Try this delicious recipe for a twist on an apple crisp.
H20 Fruit Drinks

UCookbook: H2O fruit infusions

Rate this article and enter to winWe need water to survive, so why does it sometimes seem so…blah? After a long day, your parched body might be craving something sweet, like soda or a sports...
Female hand reaching for healthy snack while working on laptop

6 strategies to make healthy eating easier

Rate this article and enter to winDespite all the headlines about the latest trendy diet clogging up your news feed, experts say diets don’t actually work. “Diets are not only unsustainable—any diet you go...

Ask the doc: “What can students do to stay healthy while under stress?”

“What can students do to stay healthy while under stress?”—Jamie*, city and state withheldI spent a winter break working at Okemo Mountain as a lift operator. I was staying on a hill across the...

Rethinking salad: How to eat happy

 Happiness is…a salad? Before you count us out as weirdos with a concerning affection for kale, let us explain. What we eat can affect our moods for up to two days afterward, according to...
Girl with grapefruit

Ask the nutritionist: How many times a week to eat fruit

"How many times a week eat fruits?"—Maya*, Toronto, CanadaMaya,Excellent question. As you can guess, it varies based on individual factors (including age, gender, exercise habits, etc.), but you should plan to eat fruits...