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Monday, August 19, 2019
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Fork on a dirty plate

How to spot disordered eating habits—and what to do about it

Learn about disordered eating patterns and how to recognize and address symptoms.

Don’t believe everything you see: How to filter the Instagram effect

Rate this article and enter to winThat fashion blogger posted a shot of her gorgeous designer dress. The trainer you follow has been Snapchatting his perfect body during his trip to the Caribbean. And...
Table of festive holiday meal

Savor the season: 10 ways to feel good about your holiday eats

 There’s a reason holidays are so food-focused: Sharing food is how we humans have connected for generations. (That slice of homemade pumpkin pie really does give us life.) But navigating the holiday food table...
Someone eating too little amounts of food

Could you help a friend with an eating disorder?

Eating disorders are serious health conditions that require medical attention, and personal and professional support. It’s estimated that in the US, 20 million women and 10 million men will have an eating disorder at...
Consoling friends

Ask the school counselor: How to talk to someone with an eating disorder

"How do you talk to someone who has an eating disorder?"—Jamie*, Winona, MinnesotaJamie,You may be hesitant to approach someone you care about who has an eating disorder, but showing your love and support is...
Young woman hugging herself

Body acceptance 365: Be a healthier you, all year long

Rate this article and enter to winAfter devouring impressive amounts of turkey, pies, cookies, and pumpkin-flavored everything over the holidays, New Year’s resolutions can turn into a desperate drive to get back in shape...