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Thursday, November 21, 2019
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coconut water

Ask the nutritionist: “Is coconut water good for you?”

Coconut water: magical cure-all or just another foodie fad? Our nutritionist has the facts.
cold brew coffee recipe

UCookbook: An at-home cold brew coffee recipe for busy mornings

Save money by making your cold brew coffee at home.
Colored bottles with straws

5 ways to help yourself and others navigate the drinking scene

How to turn down (and respond when someone turns down) a drink.
Plant nanny screen shots

Apps and podcasts we love: Plant Nanny

A student reviews the app "Plant Nanny" and shares how it helped her.

Field Trip app

Steven, Newark, New JerseyField Trip appBy Niantic, Inc.“Don’t we all want to feel welcomed when visiting a new city? Field Trip suggests off-the-beaten path attractions at any destination, with advice from the locals on...

Ask the nutritionist: I keep my calories at an appropriate intake; however, I drink...

“I keep my calories at an appropriate intake; however, I drink a lot of soda. Why is this bad?”—Amberly, Amherst, MassachusettsThis is a great question. Even if your caloric intake is appropriate, if soda...