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Monday, November 18, 2019
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drinking glass and pitcher of water on picnic table

Ask the doc: “When can drinking too much water be dangerous?”

A physician explains how to determine the amount of water you really need.
woman with bladder pain

Ask the doc: “Are UTIs preventable?”

A medical doctor explains how to treat and prevent urinary tract infections.
Sick dog surrounded by medication

Ask the doc: “I get sick often. What are the signs that I should...

Not sure if your sickness requires a doctor's visit? Here's how to tell.
Sick male in bed

Ask the doc: “How do I know if I have mono?”

Think you have mono? Our expert discusses how to know.
hands clenching stomach

Ask the doc: “When should I be concerned about stomach pain?”

A doctor discusses common stomach problems and what to do about them.
iPad with health tests

Ask the doc: “How important is it to get checkups if I don’t feel...

—Heath*, Kirkland, Washington I highly recommend all teens and young adults get annual checkups up to age 21. Not only do you get a chance to learn about health issues that could affect you...
Patient receiving blood pressure check

Ask the doc: “What can I do about my high blood pressure?”

—Blake*, San Diego, California(*Name changed)While it’s unusual for young people to have high blood pressure, it’s by no means unheard of, especially as rates of activity decline and rates of obesity increase.High blood pressure,...

Ask the doc: My back and shoulders hurt when I lean over to take...

—Angel*, Lowell, MassachusettsYour posture is leading to some imbalance and probably overusing certain muscle groups. It’s a common ergonomic problem, especially during exam times.How to improve your study posture Sit in a comfortable chair...

Ask the doc: How can I get over my fear of the doctor?

 “I fear going to the doctor and try to avoid it at all costs. How can I get over this?”—Gordon*, DeKalb, Illinois(*Name changed for privacy.)Kudos to you for acknowledging that there’s an issue here:...
Sick girl with iPad

Hangnail or heart attack? How to navigate online health info

 Three out of four web users say they search for health information online, according to Pew Research. But how can you know if that info is reliable? Anyone can publish a website, and it’s...