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Wednesday, October 16, 2019
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Mint by Intuit Inc, screenshots

Apps and podcasts we love: Mint

A student reviews the app Mint and shares how it helped her.
Jar of cash with credit score gauge

6 easy ways to build your credit score—and why that matters

Rate this article and enter to winWant to buy a car? Lease an apartment? Get a mortgage for a house one day? You’ve probably heard this before, but in order to take out a...
Piggy bank on books with graphs

What is credit? How it works, why it matters, and how to build your...

Rate this article and enter to winMost of you are probably familiar with the idea of credit cards, but what about credit scores, credit reports, and what it means to be deemed “creditworthy”? How...
Money matters

Money matters: What is credit?

You’ve opened a checking or savings account and started using your debit card…what’s next? At some point you’ll want to start using a credit card, and there are a number of reasons why. A...