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Thursday, November 21, 2019
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Meditating woman

Mind your mind: How to reclaim your worried mind so you can perform better

The pleasures of summer are close: oceans, ice cream, time to hang out. But sometimes we carry our stress right into our downtime and our worries about the future keep us from loving the...
Girl in interview with two men

Career corner: Is LinkedIn worthwhile for high school students?

Yes. Millions of people use LinkedIn to find jobs and network, and in 2013, the site lowered its minimum user age to 14. Since then, more and more teens are taking advantage of LinkedIn...
Money matters

Money matters: A summer savings plan

It’s almost summer! That means sandals, sun, and…savings? If you’re one of the many teens who will be working a summer job, why not put away some cash? You can save for things like:...
A chameleon

Mind your mind: Choosing change

As the school year ends—and especially if graduation looms—you can be sure that lots of changes are coming your way. When we ask students about changes they’re anticipating, they sometimes say, “I hope my...
Girl at computer

Career corner: How online profiles make a difference

Most of us use social media for a variety of reasons—connecting with others, getting the latest news and gossip, sharing cat videos. But when you’re looking for a job or applying to college, you...
Money matters

Money matters: How to be happy with less stuff

How to be happy with less stuffEver swung open your closet door only to have your clothes and junk spill out all over you? Maybe once a year you go through your drawers, closet,...
Student spotlight

Student spotlight: Caitlyn

%CODE1%The best thing I’ve learned in Student Health 101 so far is…How, next year, I can help create an empowering and positive environment at college where everyone is respected and accepted.Fun fact about me...
Girl leading group

Career corner: How and why to be a leader

How and why to be a leaderIt’s April—besides April Fool’s and National Hairball Awareness day, the 17th–23rd is National Student Leadership Week. Leadership sounds frightening at first, but there are lots of ways you...
A man looking at himself in the mirror

Mind your mind: Focus on the now

Do you worry about your academic performance, college prospects, whether or not you’ll get a date to prom, or other outcomes? Are you worried about passing or failing, winning or losing?The problem is that...
Money matters

Money matters: How to look after your pennies, and save some too

How to look after your pennies, and save some tooMoney—that thing that always seems to be disappearing, or never appearing in the first place. Maybe you want a new phone, concert tickets, or to...