Student spotlight: Ishaani

Student spotlight

Featured student:

Ishaani, junior, New Trier High School, Winnetka, IL

The best thing I’ve learned in Student Health 101 so far is…

About mental health issues and how to deal with them if you see warning signs in yourself or a friend. This is a growing issue in America, and it’s important that every kid knows how to deal with these problems in case they ever face them.

Fun facts about me

I love spicy food—it’s my absolute favorite! I love music and play two instruments, the piano and the string bass.

How I give back to my community

I volunteer at a nursing home by my house. I started off volunteering through my school, and now I know the place well enough that I go on my own. Interacting with the elderly residents has been such a worthwhile experience for me—I love hearing all the stories they have to tell.

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