Loose tobacco leaves

In the past few years, cigarette use has steadily declined in the US. However, some young people still use smokeless tobacco—also called dip or chew. Smokeless tobacco tends to be popular with people involved in sports like baseball, rodeo, and auto racing. Some use it because they think it’s safer than cigarettes, but in reality it’s just as unhealthy (plus, it’s gross).

Spit it out

Chewing tobacco requires the user to spit out the murky saliva that accumulates when you chew. Think that sounds attractive? Neither do we. Not only do people who chew tobacco have to spit a lot, they also tend to carry around a cup or water bottle to spit their stinky, tobacco-filled saliva into.

Aside from the gross-out factor, smokeless tobacco has other negative consequences, such as:

  • Cancer—smokeless tobacco isn’t safer than cigarettes.
  • Tooth decay—it can rot your teeth.
  • It’s addictive—smokeless tobacco contains nicotine, which is the addictive ingredient in cigarettes.
  • You could swallow it—it tastes nasty and can make you sick.

If you’re trying to kick a chewing tobacco habit, try using gum or sunflower seeds instead (which is what many professional baseball players use). It’ll give you the look of using smokeless tobacco, but it’s much healthier. Plus, it’ll save you money.

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