Many people hit a point in the term where they lose interest and motivation in their work.  These tips could help.  These tips fall in no particular order of best to worst, as people can lose interest in their classes for a variety of reasons. 

Study with a group. If you tend to study and do homework on your own, it can become easy to bury yourself with your own thoughts and opinions about the class material. If you study with a group, you might find yourself surrounded by people who are interested in the material.

Try different methods of studying. For example, you always do your reading and take notes on your computer, try writing them in a notebook. You could also try reading your reading aloud and taking notes as you read.

Find a new place to study. If you tend to study in your room, try venturing to the library once or twice a week. Gelb, Morse, and the Addison are also great options. Sometimes changing your scenery can really help you focus and do your work.

Take more breaks. If you’re doing all your homework in long stretches of time (an hour or longer), start taking more breaks. Instead of burning yourself out with long stretches, try shorter, bite size chunks of 30-45 minutes followed by a 5-10 minute break.

Take care of distractions. There is a big difference between taking a break and being distracted. Try not to get distracted with social media, Netflix, YouTube, or whatever else distracts you.

Consider that your disinterest may stem from a lack of understanding in the material. Sometimes if you struggle to understand the class this can translate to an overall dislike and disinterest towards the material. If this is the case, reach out to places like the Math and Science Study Center, and the Writing Center for extra support.

Talk to your teachers. Sometimes if a teacher explains the concepts in a different way, the topic may seem much more interesting and this can help motivate you to do your homework.

By Dear Sam, student club at Andover