ThinkUp app by Precise Wellness LLC

Sitnour, junior, Boston, Massachusetts


Overall rating: 4/5 starsThinkUp is designed to provide motivation through positive affirmations, with the option to listen to, record, or select already-completed affirmations. Affirmation topics range from well-being to parenthood, so the app is filled with positive phrases to help you through any circumstance.

If you can’t find the motivation you need, you can type in your own affirmation to listen to. But perhaps the best feature of the app is the option to record your own voice saying the affirmation. That’s right: Whenever you need a boost, you can hear yourself convincing yourself of your greatness—which is much more effective than any other person telling you how great you are. As ThinkUp puts it, “Our own voice is key for success.” Plus, you can add music to your affirmation, which can be soothing and makes a lasting impression.

I found ThinkUp to be particularly helpful in situations where I couldn’t find the energy to start a task. Being reminded of your ability to follow through can be very helpful to high school students who need motivation (especially if you’re the type of student who stares at your computer screen or textbook for hours before beginning your work!).

One of my favorite affirmations from the app is “My life is what I make of it. I have all the power in my life.” It can be used whenever I feel down, but it also reminds me to take control of any opportunity for success, even if it’s as minor as a homework assignment. I’ve learned through this app that taking the time to listen to an affirmation can really help you improve your focus and control.

I would recommend this app to anyone who struggles to get things done or faces self-image issues. By listening to these affirmations, you’re only helping to instill a positive thought process into your mindset. I do wish the app had access to lengthier pieces spoken by motivators. Although small phrases help when heard continuously, a powerful spoken piece can also leave a positive and lasting impression.

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