The moth podcast

Cas is a senior in Los Angeles, California.



5 our of 5 star ratingThe Moth podcast has people from all over the US tell stories that have affected their lives. The point is to give inspiration to the listener and have people learn through other people’s stories.

One episode I listened to was about a man who got a black cat for his daughter. The cat got hurt and it had to stay in a cage. The cat hated it so much that the owner let her roam around. It quickly became both an outside and inside cat. Everything was fine until they found out that the cat had been run over when it was outside. When they did a proper ritual to honor their cat, he remembered how it had hated to be in a cage. So even in death, he didn’t put her in a box; she was free.

Another episode I listened to had to do with two friends both claiming to see a ghost. They both drew photos of what they saw, and it turns out they drew the exact same picture with no differences. Pretty creepy, but interesting!

I would most definitely recommend this podcast to others, as there are tons of stories than can help different kinds of people. I recommended it to my boyfriend because I thought he should hear about how these people overcame so much.

This podcast made me feel inspired, sad, happy—everything. It’s a fun, engaging, and, most of all, motivating podcast.

Episodes listened to

A feline roamer: Jaed Coffin
Give me liberty: Sue Schmidt & Robin Utz
From the beyond: Eleanor McLeod & Bryan Kett