Another round podcast

Ren is a student in Las Cruces, New Mexico.

Overall rating: 5 out of 5 starsThe podcast Another Round, with hosts Tracy Clayton and Heben Nigatu, speaks on a variety of topics throughout history and how certain ideas still affect people in the modern age. Specifically, the podcast talks a lot about racism toward the black community, including the daily issues they face and the struggles of intersectionality.

Another Round sheds light on many topics, especially race issues for people who may need reassurance that their experiences are valid, or even for people who just want to be more informed about others and their different experiences. Ignorance is no excuse to harm others and not learn about people who aren’t part of your community. If anything, ignorance should motivate someone to really delve deep and learn about others. We could actually help others who become victims to unwarranted violence and/or discrimination if we just learned about and talked to others who aren’t like ourselves. Ultimately, we’re all just people.

The hosts are very upbeat people, which makes the podcast interesting. Their humor and knowledge, as well as integration of their own personal experiences, make for a very informational podcast that’s more like a conversation. Heben and Tracy usually bring on multiple guests in each episode, which makes for a nice mixture of opinions and perspectives. This creates great conversations, from gender identity to race and womanhood, and even topics like “citizen’s arrest.” It encourages us to be mindful of others instead of harmfully ignorant. This helps me in particular because I’ve struggled with the different aspects of my life meeting up at a crossroads, and it makes me feel like the world is against me. I’m sure a lot of people who have intersectional identities feel this too. This podcast has helped reassure me that I’m not alone with the problems I face. Especially as a teenager, I think it helps a lot to know others have grown up and become successful despite their struggles.

This podcast is educational, but in a fun way, which keeps listeners engaged with the conversation and makes for a nice overall listen. Heben and Tracy sort of feel like old friends—ones who we can talk about heavy topics with and who encourage us to speak out openly within our society to change how we interact and to ultimately be kinder to others.

Another Round is a wonderful podcast that I will continue to listen to regularly!

Episodes listened to:

Episode 3: Oh, The Racism! (With Issa Rae) (Encore)
Episode 19: Was that a microaggression or just Tuesday?
Episode 75: Citizen’s Arrest