Timely Screenshots

Nneoma is a senior at Parkview High School in Georgia.


Overall rating: 4 out of 5 stars

As a young adult, it can sometimes be difficult to wake myself up in the morning or to stay on track with schoolwork. Timely has helped me fix these issues.

Timely functions as a regular alarm clock but with more color and pizzazz. You can customize your alarm with different color themes to bring your personality into it. And waking up is more pleasant too—the innovative “smart rise” feature makes the daunting process of waking up less, well, annoying.

Additionally, you can set it so that you have to complete a different challenge each time your alarm goes off, so instead of just hitting snooze over and over, you have to turn your phone or lift it up over your head—which I found got me up a lot quicker than a standard alarm.

I’d recommend Timely to anyone who values their time and who’s seeking a creative way to keep track of it. It helped me rise each morning so that I got to school or work on time. I’m definitely going to keep using this app—it’s honestly become an important part of my daily routine!

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